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Layla Lynn
Layla Lynn
31 Years Old, United States
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I won...

2I won...

$3,000 !!!! I won 1st place in sexy costume contest this halloween at Harrahs in Vegas!! $3,000...can u believe it!! I was soooo excited! I wanted to be a 'Tiger' but my costume didnt come in time :( so I ended up being a Firewoman (by backup costume) Turns out, it didn't matter.. cuz the Firewoman costume was a hit! Valentina was there to cheer me on!! So fun, I love halloween :)
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Back from vaca

2Back from vaca

Well, I'm back from vacation in California...and I have some sexy pics to post from the beach!! Stay tuned for sexy swimsuit beach pics! :)
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Phoenix Suns!

2Phoenix Suns!

So, I am a huge Phoenix Suns fan...and I was so stoked to see them kick butt playin the Nuggets last night!  I reeeally wanna go to a Playoff game!!I I wish I could add Suns Playoff tickets to my wishlist!! but I don't know how... so if anybody wants to buy me tickets for me to go to a Suns playoff game, I would LOVE YOU LONG TIME! just go to my amazon wishlist and find my info on the left side of screen , and you can send tickets there. Or send me a pm, and I can tell you how to
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Camgirl of the Year Voting

2Camgirl of the Year Voting

Ends in 1 week!! I would LOVE to have your vote for Camwithher Camgirl of the Year!! To vote, please go to and click on forums. Go to General Discussion and there is a thread about the Contest. I love Camwithher and all you guys, so please show your love for me by voting for me!! muah!! xo
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Kattia, mmmm

2Kattia, mmmm

So I'm pretty sure tomorrow night Kattia and I will be camming together on CWH and NAC.. we got sooo naughty last time, and are looking forward to gettin freaky with each other again!!
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Layla & Shanelle Chat??

2Layla & Shanelle Chat??

Ohhh yes, that is correct! Shanelle and I have been talking and we really want to get together and do chats together on CWH, and maybe even NAC! (Most likely it'll be in February--we will for sure let you guys know the dates) We are going to do an mchat together in February, probably a free one, so it will be a nice Valentine's treat for all you boys :) She is so sexy and fun, and I just can't wait to meet her! I luv meeting the camgirls!!! I can tell we are going to really have a great time to
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Happy Holidays!

2Happy Holidays!

So this Christmas season I am heading back to the East Coast baby! Going to visit my family and close friends that I miss so much! I'm going the 23rd-28th and I got nonstop flights both ways which is just freakin I always seem to get stuck in Chicago or somewhere (due to weather) when I have to stop. I hope it snows while I'm back there, cuz I'd love to go sledding!! It will be great to see my friends cuz most of them still live there & the ones that have moved away al
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